The Design Process:

Teak Wood


The process start with a consultation process - either on a direct person to person basis or through e-mail, drawings, photos, phone, etc.

Rose Wood

Design Changes

Any possible further design changes after initial costing are discussed and after the design is finalised the design signed off.

Cherry Wood


When the manufacturing process has been completed the finished product is delivered to the client.

Kiaat Wood

Design and presentation

The next step is doing the design and presenting the result to the client for feedback

Meranti Wood

final costing

At this point the final cost is calculated and presented to the client and after acceptance an agreement is signed.

Walnut Wood


Where installation is required the product is then installed in the designated area and/or position under the client's supervision and to their satisfaction.

Red Oak Wood


After agreement has been reached about the correctness of the design we will calculate the cost and give the client a quotation.

Mahogany Wood


An estimate of the duration for delivery of the final product is given and manufacture starts.

Yellow Wood

after sales service

To guarantee the client's satisfaction we give an after sales service to ensure thet the client's expectations are fully satisfied.


Bespoke Kitchens

We can do a complete turnkey solution or the customers can select and buy their own granite, taps, basins, etc. Designs can be based on any wood type as well as "white wood" and can be based on styles ranging from classic to modern to unique.


Cost is suprisingly very competitive to commercial available furniture, but will depend on the choice of wood. E.g. Pine would be the least expensive and then woods like Meranti and Sapele next on the scale, moving up to woods like Mahogany and Kiaat and eventually to top of the range woods like Walnut.


We respect the rights of our clients to their own designs and will not duplicate their furniture pieces by offering the same design to another client, unless we had obtained permission from the client him/herself.


Delivery will be free within a short distance of our factory in Parys, but will be for the cost of the client if the distance is much further. The cost of delivery (if any) will be included in the quotation.