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custom furniture

If you are not looking for a one size fits all piece of furniture, but rather something unique and different from your imagination? Let's communicate and visualize your needs. Let's make a custom hand crafted entertainment center, wine rack, table or any piece of furniture imaginable a reality.


Built-in Cabinets

We offer you hand crafted cabinets made to fit the exact measurements of the available space. Handmade cabinets are constructed so all the reveals, wood grains and colors are all the same. If you look closely you will not see any big spaces between the drawers or doors. The overall look is esthetically pleasing. All doors, drawer fronts, finishing moulds, skirtings and cornices are hand crafted in our factory to ensure that the designs are not limited by commercially available products.



Give your home, kitchen, bedroom, entertainment area or any living space a total new look with your own style and taste. We offer advice on the design and construction of any bespoke cabinetry, decks, doors, staircases and ballustrades that might be needed to make your house a home.



All of our work are bespoke custom built pieces designed in consultation with our clients to make sure the end result is exactly what was envisaged. Whether the inspiration came from a magazine, brochure or your wildest imagination, we can make it all come true. We have got the know-how and experience to construct any piece of furniture or cabinet to give the appearance and look required. We provide our customer with a fully rendered design presentation, to ensure that the correct product is delivered.


We are happy to welcome you to our website. We trust that this will be the start of life long relationship with us, in providing you with all of your woodwork and cabinetry needs. We look forward to meeting with you

and discuss your particular tastes and needs, to be able to assist in supplying you with any information and or quotations you might require. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to be of service.

featured projects

designer door

designer doors

This designer door was the request of an architect and required a very tricky construction solution to ensure that it would be a robust working door. We could solve the problem, because our principle is a qualified engineer.

awkward shaped furniture

Awkward Shapes

No matter what strange shape is required for the particular piece, we will most probably be able to produce it and make that awkward place become so much more attractive.

unique custom designed furniture

out of the ordinary

Because of our engineering background and wide knowledge and expertise with a large variety of materials we feel confident that we will be able to make your unique vision come true.